Construction and reconstruction of buildings using innovative technologies
Since 2007 we have been actively developing in the construction market for more than 10 years constantly increasing our practical experience and technical potential in the integrated solution of construction projects using innovative construction processes.

We carry out a full range of works: from obtaining initial permits to the construction and commissioning. Our company has a good experience with urban and district administrations, the decision of various "nuances" will always be in favor of our customers!
Certificate of the admission to certain types of work SRO «FLAGMAN» № С-212-50-0163-50-171116 dated 17.11.2016
In addition to qualified specialists of all the construction fields and significant construction equipment fleet we also have:
License of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia No. 50-B/01188 dated 11.11.2016 for installation, maintenance and repair of fire safety equipment for buildings and structures.
Quality Management Certificate № СDС. ССТ. СМК 3968.04-00050 dated 12.08.2016
We are proud and we value the trust of our customers which are well-known large Russian companies such as:
Significant experience has been accumulated in carrying out the reconstruction of the objects of any complexity: administrative and residential buildings, shopping complexes, educational institutions, healthcare institutions, industrial construction and public utilities facilities, cottages and individual low-rise buildings, sports complexes. Selection and use of the optimal combination of materials and equipment, as well as the continuous improvement of the methods of works, allow us to fully meet the requirements of customers.
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